Francesco Melchiorri
 Memorial Conference

 12-14 April 2006, Rome, Italy

Francesco Melchiorri

Organizing Committee: Paolo de Bernardis - Marco De Petris - Luca Lamagna - Roberto Maoli - Silvia Masi - Alessandro Melchiorri - Francesco Piacentini - Department of Physics, University of Rome "La Sapienza"
Secretary: Mrs. Fernanda Lupinacci

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This conference is dedicated to the memory of professor Francesco Melchiorri.

His fruitful scientific activity will be celebrated through a review of the many aspects of theoretical and observational cosmology to which he devoted large part of his work. The contribution of Melchiorri to the progress of cosmology and to the formation of generations of students and young researchers will be remembered in a dedicated session of the conference.

Conference Program

Wednesday 12th April
Morning: Memorial Session
09:30     Welcome Coffee
10:00 Opening address by Francesco Bossa, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences at “La Sapienza” and Guido Martinelli, Director of Physics Dept.

Talks by Paul Boynton, Giorgio Dall’Oglio, Paolo de Bernardis, Pierre Encrenaz, Paul Richards, Monique Signore
12:30   LUNCH
Afternoon: CMB I
14:20 M. Nolta WMAP Results I
15:00 S. Masi The mm sky as seen from BOOMERanG
15:20 F. Piacentini CMB polarization with BOOMERanG
15:35 G. De Troia BOOMERanG constraints on Non-Gaussianity
15:50 G. Polenta The BRAIN CMB polarization experiment
16:30 R. Rebolo Results from Cosmosomas
16:55 A. Miller Quiet and EBEX
17:20 L. Piccirillo Clover: Observing the CMB B-modes from Atacama
17:45 F. X. Desert Bolometric Camera Development and a Design Study for a future CMB polarization satellite
18:10 End of Session
Thursday 13th April
Morning: CMB II
09:00 R. Durrer Cosmic magnetic fields
09:30 R. Bean WMAP II
10:00 S. Mukhanov CMB and Inflation
10:30 N. Sanchez Clarifying Inflation for and from CMB Observations
11:05 A. Balbi Cosmology from Planck
11:30 J. -M. Lamarre Current knowledge of the Planck HFI performance
12:00 L. Valenziano The Low Frequency Instrument on-board the Planck satellite: characteristics and performance
12:15 L. Popa Planck-LFI instrument: scientific goals
12:30 L. Terenzi The Planck LFI Flight Model test campaign
12:45   LUNCH
Afternoon: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Gravity and Particle Physics
14:00 L. Maiani Cosmology and Particles
14:30 R. Trotta Prospects for direct dark matter detection in the CMSSM
14:50 G. Bertone Light from Darkness: searching for Dark Matter with Gamma-ray and Neutrino Telescopes
15:10 A. Slosar Cosmological bounds on neutrino physics
15:30 P. S. Corasaniti The impact of IGM dust on Supernova Cosmology
16:10 P. Boynton Precision tests of gravity
16:30 R. Ruffini Gamma-Ray bursts and cosmology
16:50 S. Capozziello Dark Energy and Dark Matter as curvature effects
17:10 L. Mersini Gravity, Thermodynamics and the Landscape
17:10 P. D. Mauskopf Millimetre-wave and Submillimetre wave SZ measurements from BOOMERanG, BOLOCAM and SCUBA
17:30 End of Session
Friday 14th April
Morning: CMB and S-Z effect
09:00 M. Birkinshaw Current Status of S-Z Measurements
09:20 Y. Rephaeli S-Z Potpourri
09:40 P. Richards Searches for clusters of galaxies and CMB polarization with TES bolometer arrays
10:00 A. Miller Preliminary results from the S-Z Array
10:35 M. Gervasi Radiometers based on SIS mixer to measure S-Z effect from galaxy clusters
10:55 M. De Petris Status of the MITO experiment
11:15 E. Battistelli S-Z from Corona Borealis
11:30 L. Lamagna Constraints on variation of CMB temperature and fine structure constant from S-Z measurements
11:45 F. Nati Balloon-borne measurements of the S-Z effect with OLIMPO
12:00 S. Hansen The S-Z effect and non-trivial clusters
12:25 S. Colafrancesco Beyond the Standard lore of the S-Z effect
12:45   LUNCH
Afternoon: The cosmic dawn
14:00 G. Sironi The CMB spectrum: status and perspectives
14:30 P. Encrenaz Spectral features on the CMB: primordial molecules?
15:00 C. Ceccarelli H2D+: a Light in Dark Places, where all other lights fail
15:20 A. Salama Cosmology with AKARI (ASTRO-F)
15:40 R. Schneider The cosmic dawn: from first stars to the present-day universe
16:00 D. Puy Primordial Chemistry from Molecules to secondary CMB anisotropies
16:45 A. Cooray Secondary CMB anisotropies
17:10 A. Challinor What can be learned from the lensed B-mode CMB polarization power spectrum?
17:30 K. Basu CMB resonant scattering as a cosmological tool
17:45 F. Sylos-Labini Primordial density fields, superhomogeneity and galaxy clustering
18:05 R. Maoli Signatures on the CMB from Primordial Molecules
18:25 P. de Bernardis Concluding Remarks
18:40 End of Session


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